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DZMF series DC electromagnetic brake

DZMF series DC electromagnetic brake

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Shape and installation dimensions
Installation and commissioning
Common failures and troubleshooting
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1. The schematic drawings of each specification are as follows:



2. Requirements for Air Gap Value of Brake


3. Inspection of air gap

As shown in the schematic diagram, the distance between the electromagnet 5 and the friction plate 7 is called the air gap (delta). Normal


working air gap (delta) does not exceed the prescribed maximum air gap value. The motor is adjusted when it leaves the factory

In the initial working air gap range, after running for a period of time, the air gap (delta) increases due to friction wear, which will affect the

normal suction and braking effect of the brake, so it will be used for a period of time in the motor.

After that, the size of the air gap (delta) must be checked by selecting the plug ruler according to the maximum air gap value. When inspecting,

the selected size of the plug ruler can be directly inserted into the air gap (delta). If it is inserted, it indicates that the air gap has passed.

Great, it must be adjusted


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