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DZK series DC electromagnetic brake

DZK series DC electromagnetic brake

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Product Brief

DZK series DC electromagnetic brake is a reliable and safe brake. The product has compact structure, convenient manual release, flexible and reliable performance.

DZK series brake and Y2 series motor form YEJK series electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor. The motor has beautiful appearance, fast braking, accurate positioning, and is suitable for all occasions of motor use.


Working principle

When electrified, the electromagnet produces strong electromagnetic force to suck up the armature plate to compress the brake spring. The two dual faces of the brake disc are separated from the pressure of the armature plate and the plane of the back cover of the motor, and the motor can rotate flexibly. When power loss occurs, the armature plate is pressurized by the brake spring pressure to tighten the brake disc and generate a strong friction braking moment, so that the rotating motor brakes rapidly and achieves accurate positioning.


Product characteristics

1. The overall protection level reaches IP23.

2. Manual release is an external handle, which is flexible and convenient.

3. The insulation grade is F.


Supplies of Matching Parts and Components

For the convenience of customers to use DZMF series DC electromagnetic brake, our company not only provides matchable rear cover, junction box, windshield and other accessories, but also provides the corresponding specifications of the rotor shaft processing drawings, as long as processing according to our company's drawings, you can produce YEJF series brake motor.

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1. The structure sketch is as follows:


2. Requirements for Air Gap Value of Brake


3. Inspection of air gap

As shown in the schematic diagram, the distance between the armature plate 10 and the electromagnet 16 is called the air gap (delta).

Normal working air gap (delta) does not exceed the specified maximum working air gap value. When the motor leaves the factory

After running for a period of time, the air gap (delta) increases due to friction wear, which will affect the normal suction and braking effect

of the brake, so it is used in the motor.

After a period of time, the size of plug must be selected according to the maximum air gap value, and the size of air gap (delta) must be

checked. When checking, plug ruler can be directly inserted into air gap (delta). If it is inserted, air gap can be explained.(delta) is too

large and must be adjusted.


4. Air Gap Adjustment

Choose the thickness of the plug ruler according to the specified initial working air gap value, loosen the inner hexagonal screw 16, and

rotate the support adjusting screw sleeve 1 to 1-2 mm in the direction of the electromagnet to facilitate air gap adjustment. The size of the

plug will be selected.The ruler is placed in the air gap (delta) next to the support adjusting bolt. Slowly, the inner hexagonal screw 16 is

screwed in and the plug ruler is pressed. Then, the support adjusting screw sleeve 1 is tightened to the top cover 8 planes and the plug

ruler is pulled out. DZK04-75 Fixation There are three groups of inner hexagonal screw 16. The air gap values on the edges of the three

groups of screw must be adjusted to the initial working air gap values according to the above methods. The air gap values at three places

must be uniform. Finally, the inner hexagonal screw should be tightened.

16. There are four groups of internal hexagonal screw 16 for DZK150 fixation, and the debugging method is the same as that mentioned

above.The adjusted air gap should be checked again with a plug ruler to prevent the unevenness of the air gap. If there is no standard

plug gauge for air gap adjustment, it can be replaced by similar thick and thin iron sheet.


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