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AZML Three-phase Alternative-current Brakes

AZML Three-phase Alternative-current Brakes

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AZM-B series (power-off brake type) three-phase AC brake is a reliable and safe brake. It has the characteristics of fast start-up time and short braking time. The excitation voltage is the same as that of the motor. The connection is simple and the operation is convenient.AZM-B series three-phase AC brake has compact structure and convenient adjustment of braking moment and air gap. Manual release device has dual functions. It can use release ring to pull lightly and temporarily release the brake. With the method of screwing release screw, the brake state can be released for a long time, and the operation is light and reliable. The product protection level can reach IP55.AZM-B series three-phase AC brake can be directly used in variable frequency power supply. Frequency conversion power supply can be directly used for frequencies below 50Hz. Frequency conversion power supply can be designed for frequencies above 50Hz if required.AZM-B series three-phase AC brake fully meets YEJ series electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor with Y and Y2 series motors, and also can be matched with variable frequency motor to form variable frequency brake motor. With its advantages of large braking moment, short braking time, convenient wiring and high protection level, it can be widely used in various mechanical equipment requiring rapid braking and precise positioning.


Working principle:

AZM-B series three-phase AC brakes are in accordance with the following principles: when the power is cut off, it uses spring pressure to press the armature, which causes great friction (braking) moment between the brake disc and the armature and the back cover of the motor, which can make the rotating articles brake quickly; when the power is on, it uses the principle of electromagnetic suction and release to make the brake disc out of the braking state and enable the passive object to rotate freely.


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