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"Area" appearance of a total hundreds of major projects list

"Area" appearance of a total hundreds of major projects list

The Shanghai newspaper reporter learns from the authorities, will be held on March 26 solstice 29 of the boao Asia BBS, is expected to become "in" foreign declared an important window. Attending parties will also be important economic cooperation agreements signed during the BBS.


The source further revealed that the upcoming "area" program, will include a detailed list of major projects, planning for the next few years will sign up and start the project, involved in railways, highways, energy and information, industrial park and so on a total of hundreds of major projects. In 2015 for the new construction projects, China's friendly neighbors to occupy the main body, surrounding middle-south Asia road phase ii, the karakoram highway, the direction of tower gwadar project will focus on appearance.


According to the insider, the "area" major projects list indicate the concrete engineering in detail, and the implementation of the concrete is responsible for the unit. Listing is concentrated in kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, Pakistan and other countries. Undertake as the key region in xinjiang, "is from a 'pocket at the end of the past, into the forefront of an open." This is the country during the two sessions, the National People's Congress, snow, chairman of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region g proposed, Kerr sent out.


Xinjiang which is located at the center of the Eurasian geography, is our country open to the west bridgehead, is an important node of the silk road economic belt, the core area, the surrounding borders with eight countries, there are 17 countries in a port and kashgar, huoerguos 2 state-level economic and technological development zone.


The reporter understands, china-kazakhstan huoerguos international border cooperation center is along the "area" in 2015 key projects. This year, xinjiang local government will also fight for national support, expand foreign contracted projects and foreign aid, guide encourage support private enterprises carry out investment cooperation in neighboring countries.


News from business bureau of xinjiang production and construction corps, the xinjiang production and construction corps by tracking "area" national key connectivity and infrastructure construction projects, to help support their corps construction group, such as basin, luqiao countries along the enterprises to participate in project construction; Support enterprises and state-owned enterprises cooperation, xinjiang production and construction corps, in Africa and around the national highway, railway, port and other infrastructure as well as the comprehensive agricultural development projects; Guide and encourage beixin luqiao group of corps construction, transformation of the mode of development and implement differentiated competition, will foreign contracted projects is given priority to with infrastructure construction to cooperate with the xinjiang production and construction corps agricultural "go out" to carry out the supporting otc infrastructure, logistics facilities, etc.


Major projects list will also focus the china-kazakhstan cooperation capacity. The CPPCC national committee, vice foreign minister cheng guoping during the two sessions in the country, according to this year in late march, kazakhstan's prime minister, Mr Massimov will friendly visit to China, and attend the boao Asia BBS. "Related enterprises between the two countries will sign the cooperation agreement, and this is the early harvest china-kazakhstan cooperation capacity, involving amount to more than $100."


As a national strategy, held in November last year the 8th meeting of central finance leading group (clear requirements "area all the way" to have "early harvest". China-kazakhstan cooperation capacity in demonstration significance in promoting the construction of "area".


Ahab capacity in last December, a package agreement of cooperation, cooperation agreement involving dozens of, the contract amount up to tens of billions of dollars. In may this year, China - kazakhstan logistics base will start the cooperation, become the "silk road economic belt" first entity platform. In the future, the road along the route will further integrate resources, all kinds of FTA will become the powerful gripper for advances the strategy of "area".