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To further implement the party's 18 large and 18th session of 2, the third plenary session of the spirit, to strengthen the construction of the advertising credibility, build credibility civilization Internet advertising market order, safeguard consumers' legal rights, solemn commitment:

Firmly establish a legal consciousness, strict enforcement of "advertisement law" the "regulations on the administration of advertising" measures for the administration of Internet information service and other laws, regulations and rules, consciously abide by the "advertising campaign ethics", to shape the image, the good faith is not to promise benefit, to adhere to the correct advertisement orientation, not to provide false illegal advertisement distribution channels.

Bottom line starts from me, abide by the law, and resolutely curb actively cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on the following Internet key areas and false illegal advertisement behavior:

(1) beyond the attending and health care function of approval, propaganda cure-all, suitable for all symptoms and cure rate;

(2) the use of patients, medical experts, research institutions, such as nominal or prove efficacy guaranteed to cure, and used for advertising and publicity in connection with the image of public figures and nominal;

(3) of exaggerated product function, promote health food, health supplies, disinfection products has therapeutic effect;

(4) without the relevant departments of the review or approval, illegal release health food, medicines, medical equipment, medical services, advertising;

(5) of illegal prescription drug advertising;

(6) without the approval of the relevant departments engaged in Internet healthcare and pharmaceutical information service, or fake, counterfeit the name of another person to open medical care, drug information service website publishing false information or sales JiaLie drugs;

(7) other areas, serious violation of state laws and regulations of advertisement and information.

To establish and perfect the system of advertisement examination, equipped with advertisement examinant, without ads inspector review will not be released. Implement the responsibility system for advertisement examination, and does not perform the audit responsibility related personnel to give criticism education, from their jobs, etc.

To deal with. Can actively with relevant departments for advertising laws and regulations training organization.

Find links to illegal advertisements on this site, take the initiative to cancel link, not to provide the following website link services:

(1) without permission, for the record;

(2) does not have the Internet health care, drug information service qualification;

(3) contain false illegal advertisement, information.

Obey the regulation, accept social supervision, such as issuing false illegal advertisement, voluntarily assume legal responsibility, and included in the "blacklist" of the public to the society. Handle customer complaints seriously, active corrective and false illegal advertisement.

This pledge in duplicate, electronic retailing, online advertising, association, such as the Internet and the Internet media units each save a copy. Since the commitment unit affix one's seal, the director shall take effect as of the date of signature, and publish in the website home page.