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Relevant laws

Terms of service:

We provided all information, documents, products, and services, trademarks, logos, graphics and image above (hereinafter referred to as the contents of "information") is a copyright or trademark has been registered, are the property of taizhou nassim explosion-proof motor co., LTD. Permission to use this net of any information it contains, communication will be in violation of copyright law, trademark law and regulations.

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If users agree that without nassim prior written permission of the company or its authorized representative cases, shall not in any other server or internet-based equipment to set up this net of any information contained in or third party content "structure" or "mirror".

We can with the world wide web or the Internet, is not controlled by nassim company or maintenance of other sites to link. Such links does not constitute nassim company authorized to this behavior. Nassim company provides such links only as a convenience to nassim company disclaim all responsibility for the content of such sites.


This service and information only for Thai force of the company's customers, provide the purpose of this service and information is for the convenience of the user. Nassim company did not grant any to the user for permission or ownership of any such services and data. Nassim company can't for the service and information, the server or other server contained in other projects ensure correctness, completeness, reliability.

Users should understand that this service and the information is provided by nassim company, at the same time, for the service or information, Thai company is not responsible for ensuring that, directly or indirectly, for the commercial and aptness for a particular purpose of any commitments.

The limits of liability:

Within the scope of the current law allow maximum, nassim company will not put forward by the user or the third party due to user copy or download this information or data contained in any losses resulting from responsibility. Because of the user, nassim company must not to the user or the third party of direct and indirect, potential, special accidental losses (including loss of data loss, revenue, profits or other economicadvantage) take responsibility, no matter how does it happen, no matter it is illegal to or the civil tort, even Thai company has the possibility of such losses may be produced in advance to remind users, nassim company does not undertake any responsibility.

In violation of the provisions:

If the user violates this clause, in force companies to retain without prior notification or explanation to terminate the right to provide service for the user. Nassim company will advise on the user's improper conduct, and advice the user to take the correct behavior. However, if the Thai company thinks that the user violation of the above terms is intolerable, then the user's default behavior will directly lead to the termination of its services in our website.

Nassim company authorized representatives can improve our service and price as stated in the or modify, if at any time, in the case of without notification of such changes, the user should further agreed that nassim company can post way, in the case of without notice, at any time to amend the above terms and conditions. After such revision, users continue to use this net, the user agrees to the above shall be deemed to be the revised terms of service.

Any action related to the above terms will be subject to the current Chinese law, and shall not be in conflict with any law justice. In related to the above terms and user use this net of any dispute, to arbitration for resolution. If nassim company failed to exercise any right or provision of the regulations, the above terms and conditions do not give up such right or provision unless nassim company acknowledge and agree that in the form of a written. The provision by the user and the force of the entire agreement between the company, and supersedes all previous or contemporaneous, reached between the parties involved, discussion about this place all the negotiations, discussions or agreements (if any). In any case, the user should use this net to give up in the process of using native possible additional requirements, termination proceedings as the prerequisite.

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