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With the arrival of the new economic era, China has integrated into the globe, facing global competition. We’ve strongly felt that the world is changing. A globalized, knowledge-based and information-oriented new era is around the corner.

Thus, we are trying. In the concept of “Constant Improvement, Continuous Practice, Daily Progress”, we’ve opened our website.

Economic globalization brings us both opportunities and challenges. In the future competition, we’ll face international competition laws and business standards. Only real outstanding enterprises can survive in the competition. Therefore, we can’t linger on the past performance. While continuing to amplify the past successful factors, we should change all business concepts and behavioral habits inadaptable to market development trends, further motivate team passion and organization vitality, give full play to our innovative ability, constantly transcend ourselves, create a booming source of motive, and rapidly enhance our overall competitiveness.

We understand that the development of an enterprise can’t do without the active participation and cooperation of the team. So, we ardently expect that each staff member can give full play to his or her talent, and work with eternal enthusiasm, thus contributing to the future success of Taili!

To create values for customers, and opportunities for staff is our eternal goal!