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Taizhou Taili Explosion Proof Motor Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Taili Explosion Proof Motor Co., Ltd. (“Taili” for short) is a professional

manufacturer of special brakes for YEJ motors, and YEJ breaking motors. With a batch of senior professional designers, complete detection equipment and manufacturing

capability,Taili is able to independently design and develop all kinds of brakes and

braking motors. Our DZM DC electromagnetic brake passed the provincial appraisal in



Through the assessment of experts, our products,with compact structure...


Through the assessment of experts, our products, with compact structure, rational design, IP44 protective performance,and leading combination property, have met or exceeded national standards.The brake can match Y or Y2 motors into braking motors, with simple assembly.


DZM series DC electromagnetic brake

DZMF series DC electromagnetic brake

TLZ04 series rectifier

TLZ03 series rectifier

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